The service was exceptional

Our experience with having our Interlock roof installed was exceptional. It was installed during the hottest days of the year, and none of our neighbors could believe the installers were working so hard during the hot, muggy weather. They finished several days ahead of schedule and left the yard clean and neat, even after a complete tear-off of three layers of roofing. One day during the installation, we had a rain storm, and the installers all took shelter in their vehicles. I noticed that we had a leak in a spot that had clearly had leaks before we bought the house. When I pointed it out to the installers, they went up the ladder in the pouring rain, found the cause of the problem (which, again, was a pre-existing problem, not one due to the Interlock installation) and fixed it on the spot. The service was exceptional.

Sincerely, David & Karen E.

Milwaukee, WI

It keeps our house much cooler in the summer than the asphalt roof we used to have

We purchased our roof in 2009 and as you can see from the pictures taken in May of 2017, our roof looks as new as the day we bought it. Here are the things we have noticed most about our Interlock Lifetime Roof over the last 8 years.

  • It keeps our house much cooler in the summer than the asphalt roof we used to have.
  • It really sheds snow, and the snow guards work great. We never need to use a snow rake.
  • We love the durability and the curb appeal.
  • Greg Weber our representative, who we were enthused to learn, is still with the company. When we saw him in 2009 he laid out all the variables in a professional way and our Interlock Roof has lived up to all of our expectations and promises he made.
  • All companies promise results, service, and quality. Interlock delivers.

Sincerely, Roger and Ann N.

Kewaskum, WI

We had a major rainstorm shortly after the installation and we noticed no difference in sound at all

Dear Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems, The installation was terrific. Jessie and his crew were very nice, polite, and clean and worked together like a well-oiled machine. If I was to have work done on my home for any type of project, this is the team I would recommend and would want to work on my house. Greg Weber, my sales representative, answered all my questions, set the proper expectations, and over delivered in every aspect. We had a major rainstorm shortly after the installation, and we noticed no difference in sound at all. Our Interlock roof is the talk of the neighborhood.

Mark B.

Colgate, WI

Worth every penny as you never have to re-shingle again

We have been do-it-yourselfer homeowners our whole lives. We are very handy and capable when it comes to home improvements and appreciate craftsmanship and quality. And that’s what Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems provided us with our roof. Craftsmanship and quality. Plus, durability, beauty, and experience from a company that manufactures and certify install its own product. That is something, a company that makes its own product, that was very important to us, and no other company in our market offered that, except Interlock. Another thing that was important was we didn’t want to have to deal with rust because many steel metal roofs look good new but look old and hideous down the road because of fading and rusting. Interlock is aluminum. So, it won’t rust, and it achieves and exceeds the highest rating of hail resistance. So, it’s like we said earlier – super durable! Jessie and his crew were super and hard working. We were amazed by their work ethic. That’s something that’s becoming rare nowadays. Also, we were told by a competitor that Greg Weber and Interlock would be high-pressure. That was the furthest thing from the truth. Greg was polite, personable, and knowledgeable and helped us sift through the “lesser quality, cheaper installation, sales gimmicky and overly aggressive” competitors. He provided us with a detailed range of the competition by laying out all the variables so we could make an intelligent comparison and decision. Greg helped save us a lot of time from all the other companies in our market selling what everyone else is selling or just selling stuff and making promises they can’t keep. All the asphalt guys want you to believe that their products will last, and all the steel companies want you to believe their products won’t rust, and everybody knows… That’s Just Not True! Interlock has proven itself for over four decades. That’s Impressive. That’s why we went with them, Jessie and Greg.

Sincerely, Michael and Rhonda S.

Burlington, WI

Our Interlock roof is very silent

The installation was super smooth. Every installer was courteous and professional. We get lots of compliments, and people stop by all the time to admire it. One of the biggest misconceptions about metal roofing is people think it’s loud. Our Interlock roof is very silent. The only way I know if it’s raining is if I look out a window. Also, the snow just slides off. We are also in a wind tunnel area, and we have never lost an Interlock shingle, and we have had the roof for many years. We were so pleased with our Interlock roof that we put the same roof on our lake home in northern Wisconsin. We get a lot more snow up there and the Interlock’s snow-shedding performance capabilities are second to none on that roof, too!

Debra M.

Franklin, WI

We noticed over the years is how much cooler our home office upstairs is in the summertime and warmer it is in the wintertime

First off, the installation crew was great! They worked very hard, took short breaks, and completed the job very efficiently. Greg Weber, our sales representative, told us an Interlock Roof was more energy efficient than asphalt, and one of the major things we noticed over the years is how much cooler our home office upstairs is in the summertime and warmer it is in the wintertime. It’s a dramatic difference from our old asphalt roof. We have had a few neighbors even question why we invested more in an Interlock roof than a typical asphalt roof, and we always smile and say, “Everybody complains about spending money. Do you want to complain about it once or multiple times, and do you want to be all in to have the best, or not in, and hope for the best.” Thank you, Interlock!

Thomas V.

Milwaukee, WI

Received a discount on our homeowner's insurance

Dear Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems: We purchased our Interlock Lifetime Roof in June 2014. We are very happy with the look, durability of the material, and finish. After a snowfall, the heat of the sun will warm the roof and allow the snow to shed from the roof. We have a great sense of security, knowing it can withstand higher winds than conventional asphalt. In fact, our neighbors lost many shingles in the last major wind storm, and our Interlock roof proved to be the high wind resistance product it is with all shingles intact. We love the fact it’s more reliable and has peace of mind knowing it has lots of longevity and will look brand new not only now but down the road. We also received a discount on our homeowner’s insurance. Overall, we were very satisfied with our sales representative Greg Weber, the company, the service, and the product.

Tom R.

Milwaukee, WI

We have gotten lots of compliments!

In March 2017 we had an Interlock Lifetime Roof installed. Greg Weber, the salesman, was not pushy. We were very impressed with his salesmanship and the product. He also offered to have the Interlock product put on our wishing well in the front yard. That was something we really appreciated. The clean-up was excellent! Many neighbors and people who walk by the house have noticed the roof and asked a lot of questions. We have gotten lots of compliments!

Thomas and Emily G.

Sheboygan, WI

The advantages were so many and the expense over time was not much different from regular shingles

We visited the booth Interlock had at the Remodelling Show at State Fair Park. We got a lot of excellent information there and left our number for a call-back. We did receive the call back promptly and got an appointment right away. The estimator showed up on time and thoroughly explained the process, the product choices and the costs. We signed up for a new metal roof that evening because the advantages were so many, and the expense over time was not much different from regular shingles. This metal roof will probably outlive us! The actual work didn’t start for about two months because the company was very busy, but removing the old layers of shingles was the first process. This was done in a day, and the waterproofing membrane went on. The roofing materials were supposed to be delivered in a couple of days, which unfortunately didn’t happen. The actual work didn’t start for about two months because the company was very busy, but removing the old layers of shingles was the first process. This was done in a day, and the waterproofing membrane went on. The roofing materials were supposed to be delivered in a couple of days, which unfortunately didn’t happen. Instead, a heavy, rainy week intervened, and we did get water in our kitchen. It took a while to get someone to call me back and that was frustrating because it damaged our kitchen ceiling. Ultimately, though, I did get a call, and the work was expedited to the following day. The roofers did the entire installation in one day and did a great job. The roof is beautiful, and we have many people stopping and looking at the wonderful work and superior materials. I know the company will honor their promise to pay for the damage to the kitchen. Once that is done, all is well. The experience wasn’t perfect, but it was as close as mother nature and shipping glitches allowed.

We are well pleased overall. George E. and Joy N.

Milwaukee, WI

You have a great employee in Allen!

Hello, Well, after a long wait for Allen, I have great news to report both that my roof was not leaking AND that you have a great employee in Allen! He was very persistent in finding out what the real situation was, and I would like this letter to go into his personnel file. I would like to suggest that either your office or Allen communicate with future ‘calls for help persons’ when he is not able to keep the appointment time that is set with the ‘customer,’ I understand he has a huge territory to cover. I love my roof and am so happy there was no problem at this time. I have received many ‘compliments’ on it.

Sincerely, Myrna B.

Durand, WI

The snow slides of great!

We purchased an Interlock Lifetime Roofing System because we wanted something that looked beautiful, and our roof looks beautiful. We also wanted something maintenance free because our whole house is maintenance free including our Interlock Lifetime Roof. Also, the snow slides of great!

Sincerely, David and Kristina P.

Horicon, WI

If I had to install a roof again, there would be no question that I would go with Interlock Roofing again

I want to share my experience about getting a new roof with Interlock Roofing. I purchased a house with the knowledge that a new roof was needed. The idea of an expensive reoccurring expense on anywhere from a 15 to a 25-year time period was unsettling. After purchasing my townhouse, one of my goals was to make my house as maintenance-free as possible with the knowledge that in the future, the home may not be owner-occupied. After I had Greg Webber come out and give me an estimate, I took a bit of time to do research and look at quite a few homes with different styles and colors. As an engineer, I was impressed with the material and the commitment that Interlock has to stand by not only the product but also the installation. The thought of my roof either maintaining or appreciating in value over time put my mind at ease, looking forward to the future. After deciding to move forward with Interlock, the decision was what color and style. This was maybe the most difficult part of the decision, and am thankful for Greg, and the patience had with me. I was able to find a time that would be feasible for Greg and another family member to finalize the color and style. I went with the slate and the weathered gray which ended up matching well with the front of the house, which has white and gray in the brick and did not contrast to sharp with the tan of the siding. Due to the original construction of my house, there were some concerns that I had with the roof and the install. When the house was originally constructed, there was only roof vents on one side for ventilation; also, I wanted to remove the Satellite dish that was installed on the chimney and last but not least, the flashing around the chimney was incorrect and did not have a kick out to drain the water into the gutters, and therefore I drained into my garage instead. Jesse did a terrific job of the installation and addressed all of the issues of the original construction, and couldn’t be any happier. Since completion, I have received numerous compliments from neighbors and friends. If I had to install a roof again, there would be no question that I would go with Interlock Roofing again.

Sincerely, Steve R.

Delafield, WI

NOT any louder

Excellent roof! Looks good! The installers were courteous and professional. Put the tarp all around the house and kept the site very clean. I was impressed with their super service. They bent over backward to please us. The A-Team of Roofing! When it rains, it is NOT any louder, and we are in a wind zone, and shingles have not blown off, and we have had the roof since 2008. The snow slides off, too! And Greg Weber the salesman, knows his product and explains it well. It will add value to the house. Unlike asphalt, that’s like tar and paper and doesn’t hold up. The Interlock Lifetime Roof is super durable!

Sincerely, Lauris and Carole L.

Hustisford, WI

We have had so many people in town tell us how nice it looks

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we like (love) our new roof. Installation went smoothly, and the crew was extremely nice, especially Jesse and Sal, the ones I talked with the most. Most of all, they cleaned up any messes every night, which doesn’t always happen with contractors. We have had so many people in town tell us how nice it looks.

Sincerely, Louise and Michael H.

Mayville, WI

We couldn't be prouder of how our house looks now

Hello Greg, I just had to drop you a line to tell you how pleased we are with the Interlock Roofing System that was installed last week. I have to admit that as good as I was hoping it would look, it turned out to be so much better than I had even hoped. We couldn’t be prouder of how our house looks now; the new roof is visually stunning. We can now breathe a huge sigh of relief, knowing that we’ll never again have to go out into the yard and pick up the pieces of asphalt shingles that would blow off of the roof after a storm or a high wind day. To boot, the very day after the roof was completed, we had someone who identified himself only as “your nosy neighbor from 10 miles down the road,” who stopped, knocked on our door and started asking questions about the roof. He was shocked to hear that it was a metal roof. He thought that we had installed a slate roof! He was very interested to hear all the facts about the roof, and suddenly I became Interlock Roofing’s most avid salesman. I brought out your business card so that he could take a picture of it with his cell phone, and he said he’d be contacting you soon. I’ve also been talking about the roof with some of the guys at work who had seen the before and after pictures that I brought in, and I’m sure that you will be hearing from some of them in the future too. Now, as much as I couldn’t be happier with contacting you and doing business with you, I have to tell you that even you will have to take a back seat to the super awesome job of your installers, Jesse and his team. To say we were blown away by these guys would be the understatement of the century. They came in like a whirlwind and started doing their thing and made astounding progress in such a short period of time, it blew us away. Jesse himself is such a great face to have attached to your company. He is professional, knowledgeable, and so personable that we knew in an instant that we were in good hands with him and his team. All of his team members were that way, and honestly, the hardest working group of guys that you will ever witness. We expected it to take anywhere from 5 days to a week to get our whole roof done. These guys had it done in 2 days and a couple of hours, and they left no stone unturned in doing the A-1 job that was promised. They even fixed a couple of cosmetic items on our existing siding to boot! What a great bunch of guys. And let me reiterate one more time,…Interlock, as a company, should feel confident and proud to have Jesse and his team representing them. I’m positive you will never find a better team to install your product than them. Again, thank you for the product and the work that you’ve done. You now have not only a very satisfied customer in us, but you also have a couple of very enthusiastic ambassadors for Interlock Roofing Systems.

With Happiest Regards, David & Ellen S.

Jefferson, WI

Installations done all year round!

July 23, 2015

My husband and I knew we were going to need a new roof in the near future and we were leaning toward steel roofs. While at the Minnesota State Fair, there was a booth for Interlock roofing. I picked up the brochure not thinking much of it. A major storm hit Northern Wisconsin shortly after. This one was intense, a tangled mess of trees and power lines. Between the 11″ of rain and hail the size of nickels that beat down on our older roof, it was clear we needed to start the search for a roof sooner than later. The asphalt roof granules covered our decks and ground! Interlock Industries were the first company I called after talking to my insurance company. The sales person answered right away, we scheduled an appointment only a couple days later. Interlock offered free estimates! In the mean time I called other steel roofing companies out of Northern Wisconsin. It took days to get a response, the customer service was lacking. After getting our estimate from Interlock and learning about the aluminum roofing shingles, we knew it was the best choice and the best investment for our newly purchased home. The product, warranty, and customer service was all top notch. With the winter season soon approaching, we asked if the company would still install during winter. They said they install all year. It would be a 6-8 week waiting period. In the mean time, I got a call from British Columbia following up with the process, the estimate of the start of the project, and if I had any more questions. Once again, we were so surprised by the great customer service. The building supervisor, Al called me a few days before delivery to see where it could be placed and Al came up to WI to make sure everything was there. He asked where the dumpster should be set, and said they will begin roofing the first week of December! Yikes, we just go dumped on with snow, Monday had below zero temps, thank goodness it warmed up for Alex and his crew! I asked Alex to check the integrity of the roof sheathing. While I was at work, he took pictures of the progress of the roof and showed me that the sheathing looked brand new and there was no damage. He answered all my questions and showed me pictures of what was being done. I kept the coffee pot full of coffee in our heated garage and supplied a microwave! I was so thankful that the crew was doing such a great job in the cold and snowy weather conditions, a heated garage and hot coffee was the least I could do! The roof was completed in 4 days and it looks awesome! Now it was just a waiting game for a snow to come and we could see the shingles and snow guards at work. It was quite scary hearing the snow fall off the roof for the first time, but it was well worth it, not to have to shovel our steep roof. The roof has already been put to the test; we’ve had heavy rain, winds and hail twice! It looks as good as it did on day one.

Very truly, Andrew M.

Hayward, WI

No problem! We've had two good hailstorms and no dents

November 16, 2014

We had an Interlock roof put on 4 years ago, and it still looks brand new. We had concerns about hearing the rain on the roof. No problem! We've had two good hailstorms and no dents. We've had so many people just stop by and ask about the roof. It looks very classy!! We are very satisfied!!

Bryan & Michelle Hazelton

Oak Creek, WI

No more ice damming

August 26, 2014

25 years of saving money in a C.D. has well paid off for me. I endeavored to save money for a high-quality roof; not wanting to pay for a substandard roofing system. I no longer wanted to have asphalt shingles. Interlock Roofing is the Crème de La of all roofing. One day in June of 2014, I took one of my long walks. I came to a perfect standstill gazing up at the roof of a home I had often passed. It had a new hairdo. This elegant and beautiful roof (dark gray slate) certainly wasn’t asphalt shingles. What could it be? I decided to find out and knocked on the side door. I said to the man who came to the door, “where did you ever get such beautiful roofing?” He then explained that he was thrilled with his recent purchase of Interlock Roofing that was installed in early spring. He immediately told me that it was a “lifetime” roof that was not only very energy efficient but was constructed as a high-impact roof which could better handle nasty storms. He explained to me that I could get rid of my roofing heat tapes because there would be no more ice damming that I would have to be concerned about. Then he added with a twinkle in his eye that I could watch my neighbors struggle with raking snow off their roofs and know that I would never have to stand out in the cold doing this task. With great pride, he told me that Interlock Roofing would look as great as it does today as it would many years down the road because the color never fades. I said, “Who do I contact to get this kind of roof?” He gave me “Greg Weber’s telephone number. He also told me of another home in the area that has had the roof on for 7 years that I could go look at. I got in my car the next day and went over to that home and spoke to the owner, and asked him if he was satisfied with the roof. He answered, “I’m 100% plus satisfied!” WOW! That’s as good as it gets. The rest is history because I made an appointment to see Greg Weber. This week of August 18-20 installers came and installed my new roof on both the house and the garage. These men were by far the best men you could get. Would you like to know why? It’s because of their work ethics. They were polite, accommodating, and extremely hard-working. It was evident that they certainly knew what they were doing every step of the way. When they were finished the end product of their job was both elegant and beautiful! I hope people will take time to consider getting Interlock Roofing, which in my opinion is the best choice they could make if they desire to have a quality roof. Also, I appreciate buying from a company that takes so much pride in what they are doing. Interlock Roofing Speaks for itself when you see it.

Sincerely, Sonja B.

Madison, WI

Installers did a great job

Customer Satisfaction 5/5 I couldn’t be more pleased with the product, and the crew was fantastic!

Appleton, WI

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